Leading Between The Vines a film by Terry Theise
From renowned author Terry Theise and the food and wine focused production house of Farm + Cellar, comes a new feature length documentary film that leads us to the heart of the steep sloped German wine regions. Exploring the true meaning of terroir and examining the spirit of wine making itself.
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Leading Between The Vines
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Featuring The Following Wine Makers:

The Strub Family(Rheinhessen)
Carl Loewen and Family(Mosel)
Caroline Diel and Family(Nahe)
Florian Weingart(Mittelrhein)
Johannes Leitz and Family(Rheingau)
Willi Schaefer and Family(Mosel)
The Selbach Family(Mosel)
Andreas Adam(Mosel)
The Dönnhoff Family(Nahe)
Alfred and Rolf Merkelbach(Mosel)
Bruno Schmitt(Mosel)
Terry Theise


Terry Theise: The Man, the Myth, the Legend!

If it is true that the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom, Terry Theise has been there and back. A brief perusal of his writing makes it quickly apparent that the man has no reservations about conveying his thoughts and feelings on wine, life, sex, philosophy and general cosmology. In Terry's world, it's all inter-related. So, without further ado, we encourage you to jump headlong into the wonderful world of Terry Theise German, Austrian and Champagne Estate Selections. Prepare yourself for a psychotropic experience.